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If I had to give one piece of advice to quickly improve your marketing and sales efforts, it’s this: Be “others focused.” Don’t make it about you; make it about them – your clients, prospects and professional partners – the people who sustain and drive your business.

What fears, challenges and needs do they have that you can solve? Or if you can’t solve it, you can acknowledge and support them as an empathetic partner.

It’s natural to be focused on ourselves. We are wired to think and act in our own best interests. It ensures our survival. Yet, to thrive in life and business, to build rapport, relationships and trust, we need to be more others focused.

How does this play out in marketing?

Know your audience

It starts by knowing your audience. Move beyond thinking of them by their investable assets. Emphasize with them to understand their concerns and goals. What do they fear? What do they need? What does success look like?

Define them in the ways they define themselves.

To use marketing to grow, be clear on who you are targeting to create content, education and solutions that address what’s most relevant to them.

Be explicit about who you work with so people can easily identify that you understand their needs and that you can help. Don’t stop at simply describing who you work with; become an expert on their industry; identify investment and planning solutions to their unique problems; and use their language and create content on topics that they want to hear. Use marketing to promote these solutions and ideas and become relevant by showing them you are uniquely qualified to help (I said showing them, not telling them).