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Who knows how long we’ll be analyzing and interpreting the COVID-19 crisis? In addition to the health emergency, our culture and economy have been put on hold to wait out what’s happening.

But not everything you hear is bad news.

Some companies have pivoted to put their bystanding technology and employees to work through innovation. One of my favorite examples is Anheuser Busch, who put equipment to use producing hand sanitizer. Google made Hangouts Meet available for free for remote work; fashion designer Christian Siriano put his team to work sewing masks for nurses.

Companies that know themselves well and are doing those acts of service and collateral will further their marketing, no doubt. They know their potential and capabilities and have pivoted quickly to fill a need and keep their employees busy.

Do you know your firm that well?

If pressed, do you know what you do best, among the full catalog of what you have available?

Are those services being used by clients and serving your overall vision?

Answering those inventory questions clearly will help your firm become leaner and more confident in the future.