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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to quarantine at home, giving them more time on their hands than at any other point in life. While everyone is handling this new normal differently, many are cherishing the extra hours with family, finding a love for new or old hobbies and realizing just how important their faith is to them.

People are rediscovering what matters most… and those people with these new passions are your clients.

Not only is this unique time reshaping preferences and convictions, but it has coincided with a major inflection point in the market. Given the state of the economy and of many people’s hearts, your clients are inevitably going to ask, “Should we be doing something different?”

For many of them, the answer is, “yes.”

Anytime there is a significant change in the markets, advisors should discuss various topics from a new perspective – or even take a different approach with a client. This is the perfect opportunity to deepen your client relationships by talking about what matters most to them and integrating their financial decisions with their spiritual life.

A recent WSJ opinion piece from Robert Nicholson of the Philos Project pointed out that cataclysmic events in history have spurred spiritual renewals, like when Congress added the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance after WWII. While some of your clients may already have held their faith at the center of their lives, expect to see faith play a larger and more impactful role as a result of this pandemic.