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As fiduciary financial advisors, the last thing you associate yourself with is sales. But sales is a big part of your business. Instead of selling an investment product, you’re selling your expertise, guidance and advice. Illustrating value in an intangible is a very hard thing, yet that is exactly what you are selling every day.

Most potential clients are savvy. They’re aware that no matter what you say, you’re trying to sell them on your expertise, firm and philosophy. However, if you learn to approach a prospect situation with a natural curiosity and work to understand their motivations, emotions and priorities, the paradigm shifts from you trying to convince them of your value to you solving their most pressing issues.

It’s your job to figure out why someone wants to engage in your services.

Potential emotional motivators

Here are some of the potential emotional reasons why a client might choose you:

Obtaining peace of mind for the future

Your clients care about leaving a legacy and ensuring their families are taken care of after they pass away. By helping them achieve peace of mind regarding their future, you’ll be speaking to their most pressing needs.