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As remote-work capabilities progress from being optional to essential, advisors will experience a bumpy transition.

Challenges will come from all sides, including adapting to new workflows, replicating your technology infrastructure and setting boundaries with family.

Although many knowledge workers have mastered remote work over the recent decade, it may be new to advisors and their teams.

What are some strategies to enable you to accomplish vital tasks and achieve results in this new environment?

How can you set yourself up to for a seamless and successful transition into your home workspace?

Get off to a fast start by sidestepping these top five work-at-home mistakes:

1. Not having a dedicated workspace

Many advisors and their teams fail to recognize that a successful work-at-home strategy starts with the physical environment.

You don’t want to interrupt your work to decamp from the kitchen table when the kids come home from school.

Have a dedicated workspace – ideally a room with a door you can close so that your family and pets recognize when you can’t be disturbed.

If you can take a basement or top-floor space that requires the extra effort of a flight of stairs to interrupt you, then all the better.