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It’s scrappy and humbling, but their phone is the one thing that people will run back into a burning building to retrieve. Bring cold calling back into your 2020 marketing!

Cold crusher

Although most of you know me as a blogger and YouTube personality, I am also a highly trained telemarketer. When I first started my business back in 2016, I was getting good leads from social media. But I wanted more.

I started calling the people who I couldn’t reach on social media. I sent them a connection request and then if they didn’t accept it, I gave them a call after a few weeks explaining who I was and why I wanted to connect. For many of them, that was all it took. They connected with me. I started to develop a relationship with them, and my results improved.

Here’s another example. There was one prospect who was teetering on the edge of signing up for my membership. I had tried a variety of different LinkedIn messages, but he still wasn’t there. So I called him and I left this message.

(high energy in my voice)

Sam, this is Sara Grillo. You know what I’m calling about – trying to get you to sign up for my membership. The fact that I’ve dialed and left you a message should show you that I’m not willing to give up on you. Just like I’m driven to follow up now, I’m going to operate with the same drive once you become a member of my program. I’m not going to let down until you get the results for your business that I know you want so SAM LET’S DO THIS!

A few days later the sale was closed.

Why does cold calling still work, despite availability of more convenient, sleeker, cooler methods?

  • It’s human. Unlike written text, they can hear your voice. Sam could feel the energy, the warmth in my tone.
  • The fact that it’s inconvenient means that most people won’t do it.
  • Most people who cold call do it so badly that if you have skills (like the ones I’m about to teach you), you can crush it.