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Dear Bev,

We have a fine-tuned marketing effort in our firm. We have regular client events and because we do, clients often bring friends. We have found it to be a great source of referrals. We have a direct mail campaign; when things change in the market, we invite people in surrounding areas for a free consultation. We work closely with two accountants in our building and we are able to exchange leads several times a month. We’ve worked hard over the last 15 years to identify and establish what’s most important to us and continually execute them.

But it’s frustrating because our boss thinks it is never enough.

He wants to know what else we are doing to create new opportunities and leads. It has become so difficult that we avoid meetings when he calls them, knowing he wants to brainstorm new ideas. I read a lot of your writings. Maybe I’m not objective, but it seems to me we are doing much more, and much better, than many other advisory firms of our size (eight people in total).