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What if you rid your presentations of financial jargon, history lessons of the markets and the dreaded PowerPoint slides?

You can become a client-attraction magnet with a simple, 18-minute talk.

You have probably heard of the “TED talk” phenomenon, but are likely unsure how it applies to financial advisors.

The format that launched 1.5 million YouTube views daily

Ted is not a guy who hosts great speeches.

TED talks were not founded by Ted Turner, Ted Kennedy, or Teddy Roosevelt, although each of these 20th Century luminaries could deliver a powerful, moving speech.

In fact, the TED talk concept was started by a Silicon Valley architect who hosted a dinner party that was billed as an anti-conference.

TED stands for technology, education and design.

The early TED conferences brought together experts in different domains who were passionate about their topics. The mantra was no boring Power Points or one-hour lectures. There were no scripted presentations, just brilliant people taking the stage to talk about things that fascinated them.