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Life is too short for a boring style. Eyeglass frames are a highly neglected aspect of your branding. Upgrade your eyeglass frames in 2020 and you’ll set yourself apart, give your look more personality and get more attention.

The psychological effect of wearing glasses

Did you know that only three U.S. presidents have been consistent eyeglass wearers (Harry Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson)? This is ironic because glasses make you look smarter, especially if you wear thicker frames (Bill Gates). On the flipside, they may cause you to be perceived as nerdish. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in a profession where it builds trust to be thought of as competent, diligent, and as someone who pays attention to detail.

But glasses do so much more than establish credibility!

They spark conversation, show you don’t take yourself overly seriously, and liven up a dull outfit. Wearing an interesting pair of glasses attracts attention so you can avoid being washed out as advisor #605 at the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Have you ever wanted more people to approach you at a networking event? Get an intriguingly fun pair of eyeglasses and everyone will want to talk to you!

Since junior high, I’ve owned fabulous eyeglass frames that have gotten me tons of compliments and saved me money on expensive contact lenses. I had a tortoiseshell pair (before it was en vogue) and a cranberry-colored one.

Before all of you have a heart attack, it’s okay to keep the black titanium rectangular Ray Bans as a safety blanket. Let’s put those aside for a moment and take some fashion risks.

You only live once, advisors! Isn’t that what you tell all your clients to motivate them to improve their financial health?