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Many advisors haphazardly update their websites. They pay rapt attention to research supporting their investment philosophy, but ignore (or aren’t aware of) research that would guide them in undertaking this important project.

Here are the five mistakes I commonly see:

1. Hiring a design firm

Website design firms may be great at design, but they rarely know anything about investing, psychology or neuroscience.

Why is that important?

Good design doesn’t trump content. Why would you rely on a designer who doesn’t know the difference between a stock and a bond to draft content?

Start your website project by hiring someone to draft content who understands your investment philosophy. With content in hand, you’re in a much better position to consider your design options. If you can find content and design expertise in one firm, you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches.

2. Too much content

I typically eliminate 70% or more of the content on the websites I redesign. Too much content overwhelms the viewer and makes navigation difficult. Think of your website as the street-facing window of a retail shop. They don’t cram their entire inventory into the window. They include just enough to entice you to enter the store.

That’s what the content on your website should do.