This year marked the introduction of our Gaining Perspective podcast. Here are the 10 most listened to episodes of 2019, starting with the most popular podcast of the year:

1. How to Tell in Three Minutes if Someone is a Successful Advisor

Featuring: Dan Solin

Dan Solin has worked with thousands of advisors in his role as a coach, consultant and public speaker. He has written that when he meets an advisor, he can tell within the first few minutes whether he or she is or will be successful. What is amazing is that he says it’s not difficult. He looks for only one trait.

2. Gary Shilling - “We are already in a recession”

Featuring: Gary Shilling

The U.S. economy is likely already in a recession, according to Gary Shilling. To address it, look for further rate cuts from the Fed and a fiscal policy focused on infrastructure spending.

3. An Economist Walks Into a Brothel - Lessons for Financial Advisors

Featuring: Allison Schrager

Several years ago, Allison Schrager walked into the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel in Nevada. She was there to study economics – specifically how the owners and sex workers dealt with and reduced the risks of their professions. Allison discusses the lessons from that experience, as well as a number of other professions she has studied - including the recent Jeopardy champion, James Holtzhauer.