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Many of you are planning an office move or renovation next year. Here’s a morsel of advice as you dial up your Corcoran realtor: Get an office without a conference room. Advisor conference rooms stink.

They’re ugly, depressing, and an energy zap

There’s nothing more depressing than an advisor conference room. They epitomize the essence of the tired, old cliché that our industry embraces. You know what I mean:

  • Cold, lifeless walls;
  • Pretentious mahogany rectangular table;
  • Tacky beach artwork;
  • Furniture from 1979;
  • Wires all over the place; and a
  • Tattered rug.

Bleh! The epitome of lifelessness. Does this seem like a good place for an uplifting conversation? More like a prison.

Whenever I go into a conference room, I feel like the energy is zapped out of me. Honestly, they’re so corporate. Plus, I feel like I’m shooting a State Farm commercial. It makes me nervous.

Put a workout room there and have people talk while on the treadmill. Call it unprofessional but at least my pulse would be going above three beats per minute.