The Path to Gender Diversity in the Advisory Profession

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As a woman in the male-dominated advisory profession, I've experienced bias. I’ve had people assume I’m the assistant or note taker and had clients call me “sweetie,” seemingly because I was the only female in the room. Some have even questioned my age and whether I'm qualified to handle their money.

Being an established female in the advisory profession, a division of the finance industry, sets me apart because fewer than 25% of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ are women. That number decreases as the career level rises. Statistics from Catalyst regarding women in finance show that women held only 12% of CFO roles globally in 2018.

There are more opportunities for female advisors as firms seek to increase diversity. However, hiring should be based on more than filling a gender quota. It should be based on merit, understanding that most women have the same industry knowledge as men.

Otherwise, the problem of gender equality in the advisory profession will never be solved.