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I would derive such immense pleasure from lighting a match to the website of every single advisor in this profession and watching it burn down to the ground.

Stop throwing money down the well!

You advisors know I’m not a fan of your websites if you’ve read other articles I’ve written. As we approach the end of the year, I know many of you are going to be inspired by naïve thoughts like these:

  • Geez, we’re coming up on a new year. Maybe I should redo my website.
  • You know, that was a great webinar on website design. I should get a new website next year.
  • I haven’t revised my website in years. Let me put that on the list for January 2020.
  • The other day I saw competitor XYZ’s website. I want mine to look like his/hers.

Get that idea right out of your head before you throw one more dollar of your hard-earned money down the well.