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My business results drastically improved the day I decided to shut up and limit my speech to no more than two sentences in any given interaction with another human being.

Consultants make a lot of money off of your urge to ramble on

The people who complain about having no time are the ones who can’t control their urge to ramble. The advisory industry is full of those who assert that they’re excellent listeners. But when it’s their turn to speak, it quickly becomes an uncontrolled ramble.

I remember an advisor who thought up a fancy title for his listening abilities. He may have been a great listener, but I found that whenever he opened his mouth, it was a random collection of unrelated thoughts. It was so extreme that I incessantly found myself wishing I would encounter one of those cell phone dead zones. You know the kind where the call suddenly drops off?

You can add a ton of stress to your business by simply talking too much.

Do you know how much money the consulting industry makes off of people who don’t know how to stop rambling? Management consultants, marketing consultants, practice management consultants—Tim Ferris made a whole career out of it with his four-hour work week or whatever that is.

I’ll save you the $10,000 a month retainer fee and tell you right now what the problem is if you’re having trouble getting results: you’re making things too complicated by communicating in a disorganized way.