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When my career began in 1988, the phone was the top front-office (customer-facing) technology. Since then, the majority of technology investments by financial advisors have bolstered the back office of the business.

For some advisors, including a few I met back in the time when Ronald Reagan was president, the phone is still the technology of choice to communicate with clients and prospects.

Recently, I was on a webinar with an industry practice management guru. Someone in the audience asked, “What is the top front-office technology for advisors?”

To show you where the industry focus has been, this guru could not name a single one!

My answer was easy, but one that may surprise you.

Marketing automation.

Let me explain.

Why should advisors care about marketing automation?

The high-level goal of marketing automation is to deliver the right content, to the right contact, at the right time, through the right media.

When your clients, prospects and contacts may be exposed to hundreds of competing marketing messages in a day, you must discover a way to cut through the clutter.