The 12 Ways to Call Yourself an Advisor – Which is Best?

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Whichever title you use, introducing yourself with the word “financial” is enough to kill the conversation at the summer barbecue.

“I’m a financial advisor.”

“Oh. Nice.”

Blank stare and they’re thinking, “Retreat, head for the air conditioning before she tries to sell me an annuity!” And with that they’re sprinting towards the Doritos bowl before you can slip them your business card.

Having put four babies on the planet, I’ve named more people than the average mom. I’ve learned a few things about what a name means. But before I go through the 12 advisor titles one by one, here’s a tip on what to avoid.

Stop barfing. As I said in this recent podcast, doing this will improve your marketing ROI.

Here’s an example of how people litter titles. If your LinkedIn profile says something like this you’ve gone overboard:

Bill Smith, CFA, CFP®, CIMA, AIF®, CPA, CLU, ChFC