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Dear Bev,

I work for a firm that sells technology to financial advisors. We offer a software program that can save them almost 20% of time in their back-office operations. It is such an obvious use case, but we are frustrated because we don’t find many advisors who understand the value of the product and want to purchase it.

I’m writing to you because I know you work with advisors and answer their needs. What are their hot buttons? What moves them to finally make a decision?

It seems clear cut – spend a little to save a lot. Why doesn’t this message resonate? Advisors care about their financials.


Dear M.S.,

You are definitely writing to the right person, but not because I am so smart, but rather because many advisors read my column and I hope they will write in and give you information from their mouths directly! Advisors, please weigh in here and offer some feedback on hot buttons and the best way to present this software to you and your firm.

I do have insights as both a person who trains on effective selling, and as someone who spends a lot of time working with advisors.