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People lie all the time. They do it to get control. You can’t stop someone from lying, but you can improve your awareness so that you don’t get played.

I’ve been heavily lied to

I’m a highly trained telemarketer. There was a time (many years ago) when that was what I did for a living. Telemarketers are probably the #1 profession that gets lied to because it is way easier to get away with lying when someone can’t see your body language.


  • He/she’s not in. (rarely true)
  • He/she may be in. Who shall I say is calling? (meaning: I have to ask my boss if you’re important enough)
  • They’re in a meeting. (Oh stop it, you Pinocchio!)
  • Leave me a number and they’ll call back. (never happens)

At first, telemarketing was a miserable job for me. I trusted those responses until the day I figured out that there was no way that 100% of the people were in a meeting all day long every time I called.