Is the Missing Ingredient in Your Financial Planning Recipe Your Marketing?

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Many advisors have added financial planning to their practice.

Offering financial planning enables you to:

  • Deepen relationships with your clients;
  • Generate greater value for clients through financial behavior management;
  • Uncover new assets with the potential to increase fees from current clients;
  • Differentiate your practice to cultivate ideal prospects and win new clients; and
  • Generate more referrals from both clients and centers-of-influence (COIs).

Yet, most advisors who provide financial planning are missing out on many of the transformational benefits that this service can unlock.

Is marketing the missing ingredient?

If you are a foodie like me, you may love trying out new dishes at home. Invariably, the discussion in our family goes something like this: “Not bad, but something is missing.”

For many financial planning practices, the missing ingredient is marketing.

I don’t mean a single piece of the marketing puzzle such as a brochure that you leave at an event.