Advisor Perspectives, a leading publisher serving financial advisors and the financial advisory community, has announced its Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in Q2 2017. Rankings were issued in three categories: The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm, The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Author and The Top 10 Venerated Voices by Commentary.

Leading the Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm category were Hoisington Investment Management of Austin, Texas, followed by Oaktree Capital Management in Los Angeles in second. In third place was Hussman Funds, out of Maryland.

Among individual commentators, the most-widely read were Ben Inker and Jeremy Grantham of GMO, followed by Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington of Hoisington Investment Management in second. In third place was Wim Grommen of Transfer Solutions.

The most-widely read commentary of Q2 was Stalling Engines: The Outlook for U.S. Economic Growth by John Hussman of Hussman funds. Hussman discussed economic growth over the next few years and emphasized the relationship between economic growth, productivity and the labor force. He focused on what separates long-term growth from cyclical fluctuations. He concluded that the key to long-term growth is “an emphasis on productive, sustainable, and non-duplicative infrastructure.”

Coming in second was Being Wrong in an Interesting Way, also by John Hussman. He discussed a number of errors he has made over the years regarding valuations, the market, and investing strategies. Hussman described how these errors led to a better understanding of the underlying truths of economic and market dynamics.

Lance Roberts of Real Investment Advice took third place with The Unavoidable Pension Crisis. Roberts’ piece was published May 15th and discussed the pension crisis. He asserted that the current crisis is not due to the Great Recession, but rather to 20-plus years of financial mismanagement. Roberts detailed many of the issues that have led to the current state of pensions, including extreme underfunding, overestimated returns and shifting demographics. He concluded by saying, “Whatever amount you’re saving for retirement is probably not enough.”

Advisor Perspectives’ website currently attracts over 160,000 unique visitors per month, virtually all of them financial advisors serving high- and ultra-high net worth individuals. The company publishes economic and market commentaries submitted by fund companies, advisors and independent research firms. In Q2 2017, over 570 such commentaries were published and made available through a daily newsletter, Research Perspectives, which the company emails to its subscribers.

Venerated Voices™ rankings were determined by the number of unique readers of each commentary, using data provided electronically by the third-party web analytics service Google Analytics. The data were normalized to reflect the fact that usage of Advisor Perspectives’ website grew steadily over the course of the quarter. For the annual awards for the firm and author, a minimum of three commentaries must have been submitted during the year. Any participant is eligible to receive a quarterly award. Each firm and author was assigned a relative score based on unique pageviews, with a score of 100 equal to average Q2 readership.

Advisor Perspectives was founded in 2007 and is based in Lexington, Massachusetts. In addition to Research Perspectives, it publishes a widely read weekly newsletter, Advisor Perspectives, which contains original articles on the markets, the economy and practice management.

Advisor Perspectives will continue providing quarterly updates to its rankings, as well as issuing annual Venerated Voices™ awards.