Four Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert

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You have a wealth of knowledge about your industry and about how you can help your prospects.  Indeed, you are an expert, but does your target market consider you one?

Positioning yourself as the expert on a topic for a specific audience is a powerful marketing tool.  It gives you instant credibility and establishes trust with your target market.  To position yourself as an expert, you have two options: 1) Hire a PR firm to help have the media recognize you as an expert; or 2) Take steps to position yourself as an expert on your own.  If you chose option two, here four strategies you can implement to take control and begin positioning yourself as an expert, all on your own.

  1. Host a radio show

    Most live, call-in financial talk shows hosted by financial advisors are actually paid programming.  Unlike magazines and TV stations which often require “paid advertising” or “paid programming” information to be disclosed, paid radio shows sound the same as standard programming.  By purchasing an hour of airtime on a local talk-radio station each weekend, you can become a recognized financial commentator. Not only will you be generating warm leads from the show, you’ll be able to introduce yourself to prospects as the host of your radio show in addition to your position as a financial advisor.

  2. Schedule speaking engagements

    Speaking is an effective way to be seen as an expert by your target market. The best way to do this is to arrange speaking engagements with community and industry organizations that specifically cater to your ideal clients. Some organizations welcome the chance to have a special guest speaker attend their meetings as a way of varying their program. Other organizations will require you to be a sponsor before you can speak to the group. To aid in your effort to schedule speaking engagements, develop a media kit that positions you as a speaker.  This kit should include a list of previous presentations, a professional bio and a list of topics to present. 

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