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Despite the time, thought and energy you spend building your web site, it’s too easy to forget about it and neglect it.  It is time for a spring cleaning.    Here are seven tips to spruce things up:

  1. Update information

    Review all the information on your website for accuracy.  Check to make sure the basics such as phone numbers, street addresses, email addresses, social media sites and fax numbers are still correct and your staff bios are up to date.  Also, review versions of documents you may have on your site such as your form ADV or business continuity plan.  Finally, check that your disclosures are up to date and accurate in your website footer. 

  2. Review text, photos and graphics

    Reread your entire website to ensure the message on your site is the one you want to communicate to clients and prospects.  You may find that you have added new services or are working with a new niche market you would like to highlight.  Also, be sure to review all images and graphics on your site.  Remove any old or dated images that contradict your overall brand and message.

  3. Update news and resources

    When was the last time you added a press release, updated your events page, added a newsletter to the archive or posted a video to your website?  If the last newsworthy item you posted was dated to the fourth quarter of 2010, it’s time to add new information.  Your website will instantly look neglected if the most recent information was posted more than six months ago.   

  4. Check links

    If you provide links to third-party sites, make sure they all work.  Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor than clicking on a broken link to nowhere.   Make a visit to your site enjoyable by ensuring that links on all your pages are active.

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