Marketing Ideas I've Learned from My Clients

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As a marketing consultant, it is my job to provide financial advisors with different ideas they can implement as part of their marketing plan.  One of my favorite parts of the job is learning new ideas. Sometimes they come from campaigns that my clients have been implementing over the years and sometimes these ideas come from collaborating with clients to find a solution to a problem they are facing. 

Below are my three favorite ideas that have come from my clients over the past year. 

Client introduction email auto responders

In the initial weeks and months of a new client relationship, there is a plethora of information you may want to share with a client, such as introducing the members of your client service team or explaining how to read quarterly statements.  Overwhelming clients with all of this information in one meeting reduces the likelihood that the information will be retained. 

To address this problem, create a series of emails to introduce a new client to your firm.  Each email should be focused on one topic, such as “how to read your statement” and should be as brief as possible.  By utilizing the auto responder function commonly found in most email marketing programs, you can create a set schedule of emails to be sent to new clients every few days or weeks, depending on your preferences.  Each new client added to your email list will receive the series of emails automatically based on the parameters you set.  This strategy efficiently enhances client communication in the early days of the relationship.

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