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Even the best marketers can improve upon their existing successful campaigns and marketing messages.  Minor changes in the process or format of a campaign can yield big results. 

For example, sending a monthly newsletter utilizing an email marketing system that allows contacts to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe from a list is much more effective than sending a PDF newsletter attachment from Outlook which requires manually managing the contact mailing list. 

There are dozens of ways you could tweak your marketing to improve results.  To help you brainstorm on what these might be, here are my three recommendations to tweak your marketing for better results.

  1. Convert your blog into print collateral.  You have already spent the time and effort required to write a blog, so why not get more use out of it?  Create a template in Word, Publisher or a graphic design program (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign) that looks like an article reprint from a magazine.  Then insert each article you write into the template, creating additional marketing collateral to hand out to prospects.  This enables you to tailor your introductory collateral packages to each prospect by including an article specific to their concerns.

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