Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Marketing Coordinator

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When a firm initiates its marketing activities, the first question is, “Who is going to do all this work?”  Usually the responsibility is split between the advisor and an administrative assistant.  But soon it becomes clear that the skills and availability of the existing staff are not sufficient to implement the marketing plan.   At this point a firm makes the decision to either hire outside help, or hire a new employee – a Marketing Coordinator. 

A Marketing Coordinator must have diverse skills and the ability to handle the majority of marketing responsibilities required by your firm.  Here are five skills to look for on a resume to increase the likelihood you are hiring the right person. 

1. Basic graphic design skills

While you can’t expect a Marketing Coordinator to be able to create a professional 12-page brochure, that person should be able create basic pieces like one-page sales sheets and event flyers.  Basic knowledge of graphic design is also helpful when managing projects utilizing outside graphic designers and coordinating with printers.  Look for skills like experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign on an applicant’s resume.  While the position you are offering may not require the use of these programs, candidates with experience using these programs should be able to handle your basic graphic design needs. 

2. Basic understanding of HTML

A Marketing Coordinator should have a basic understanding of HTML in order to update your website and create email marketing campaigns.  Even if you utilize a content management system to update your website, a basic understanding of HTML is useful when making more complex formatting changes.  Likewise, a basic understanding of HTML is useful in email marketing systems like Constant Contact and MailChimp to customize templates to your exact specifications.  Look for references to HTML, email marketing systems and content management systems on a candidate’s resume to identify these skills.

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