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One of the first questions advisors ask me is, “What is working these days?”  This always amuses me, because there are so many different types of advisors offering different services, working under different business models, and targeting different clients.  What works for one advisor is not necessarily going to work for another advisor.

Though one successful campaign won’t necessarily translate to the same success for another firm, there is one thing that is “working these days” and has always worked – consistency.

Marketing success depends on communicating the right message to the right people enough times so they are persuaded to take action.  Executing a one-time campaign is guaranteed to fail.  However, executing that same campaign month-after-month will produce results. 

Take, for example, a radio show.  If you are a guest on a radio show one time, it is doubtful you will receive any phone calls resulting from your appearance.  On the other hand, if you co-host a weekly radio show month-after-month, year-after-year, you will begin to receive a regular stream of prospects calling your office.  This same effect applies to all campaigns that are consistently implemented – a radio show, a public workshop or good old fashioned networking.

Without consistency, your campaigns will never achieve the momentum needed to produce results.  Since time and money are limited resources, don’t try to implement a dozen campaigns consistently.  Instead, choose two to five campaigns that you believe you can execute well on a regular basis. Focus on those.  You may choose to attend two networking events per week, send a monthly newsletter to all of your networking contacts and take four contacts out for a meal or happy hour per month. 

If you did this consistently each month, you would begin to see results in six months to a year.  Eventually, you would hit a tipping point, and you would be generating a regular stream of prospects without having to put forth more effort.

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