Four New Ways to Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you have logged into LinkedIn in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed some new changes.  The professional networking site has added new sections to individual profiles.  To see these, click the Add Section link above your profile summary when in Edit Profile mode.  While not all the new sections are applicable to advisors, there are four that can be added to help showcase your qualifications, expertise and skills:  Certifications, Publications, Languages and Skills.


Prior to LinkedIn’s recent upgrades, there was no clear place to include designations or licenses such as CFP®, CFA, AIF®, CPA or securities licenses.  Most advisors utilized the Education, Summary, or Honors & Awards sections of their profile to highlight this information.  With the addition of Certifications, there is now a designated area to include information such as certification name, certification authority, license number, date acquired and expiration date.   


The new Publications section of LinkedIn allows users to highlight articles or books they have authored.   This section provides space for the title of the article or book, the name of the publication or publisher, the publication date, and a brief summary.  In addition, a field is available to include a URL to the article or book, enabling viewers to access the publication directly. 


A new Languages section allows users to list their languages spoken and describe the level of proficiency in those languages.   Multilingual advisors can take advantage of this section to clearly promote the various languages spoken in their office.  


The Skills section provides users the ability to list their specific areas of expertise.   LinkedIn provides a list of standard skills such as Financial Planning, Financial Advisory, Investment Advisory, Estate Tax Planning and Strategic Tax Planning, but also allows for the ability to write in custom ones.  Optional fields are also included to indicate proficiency level and years of experience for each of the listed skills.  Prior to the addition of the Skills section, advisors would commonly list these aptitudes in the Summary or Specialties section of the profile.  

LinkedIn, like many social media websites, is constantly evolving.  Keep a lookout for the upgrades to the site to help better utilize LinkedIn to market your business.  These additional sections are just the latest way LinkedIn is your marketing efforts.  Be sure to incorporate these new sections into your profile to communicate your expertise to clients, prospects and centers-of-influence.

Kristen Luke is the Principal of Wealth Management Marketing, a firm dedicated to providing marketing strategies and support for Registered Investment Advisory firms. Kristen works with individual advisors and firms to develop effective marketing plans and her firm provides the back office support required to implement the strategies. For more information, visit

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