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Of all the popular social networking sites, Facebook is probably the least business-oriented (with the exception of MySpace, which is not an option for advisor marketing since 72% of users are under the age of 35, according to Quantcast).  Most people on Facebook are there to reconnect with friends and distant relatives.  For the average user, sharing pictures and anecdotes is the extent of their Facebook interaction.  So the idea of using Facebook as a way to market a financial advisory firm may seem a bit farfetched.

For a long time I was skeptical about using Facebook to market anything other than name-brand consumer products.  However, after hearing a couple of strong testimonials from advisors in favor of Facebook, I have changed my tune.  Facebook is not a good strategy for every advisor, but it may be appropriate for advisors with strong personal and community relationships. 

One way to use Facebook is to connect with your contacts using your personal profile.  Using Facebook to update your personal life and interact with your “friends” will likely deepen relationships. 

If this is a little too personal for you, you can setup a Facebook business page.  A business page will allow you to share information with your “fans” just as you would with your “friends” through your personal profile.  The difference is that information is more professional and distributed on behalf of your business and not you personally.  You will need to have a personal Facebook account to setup a business page.  Once you have an account, here are some steps to setup your own basic business page:

Step 1: Create an Business Page

To setup a business page, log in to Facebook and then go here.   Fill out the requested information and then click the “Create Page” button.  The next screen will take you to a blank Facebook business page. 

Step 2: Insert a Logo

Move your mouse over the question mark placeholder on your business home page. A link called “Change Picture” will appear. Click the link and then choose “Upload a Picture.”  Follow the instructions to upload your company logo.

Step 3: Provide a Business Description

In the left hand column, you will see a link that says “Write something about [Your Business Name].” Click on this link and include one sentence that describes your business.

Step 4: Add Business Information

Click on the “Info” tab and then click “Edit Information.” Fill out all of the fields and save the changes.

Step 5: Become a Fan

You’ll see a button that says “Become a Fan.” Click on the button and become your business page’s first fan.

(Steps 6 – 12 will require you to click the “Edit Page” link below your logo to take you to the editing page. You can edit each section by clicking the pencil in the right corner of the box.)

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