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Brewers Pour 50% Less Beer Into Kegs With U.S. Bars Locked Down

U.S. keg-beer manufacturing has been reeling this year as Covid-19 shuttered bars.

How Wrong Was Milton Friedman? Harvard Team Quantifies the Ways

George Serafeim wants to revolutionize the way businesses calculate their success.

Tesla’s S&P 500 Entry Puts $70 Billion of Passive Trades in Play

Tesla Inc. climbed on Tuesday as investors braced for the company’s addition to the S&P 500 in one shot on Dec. 21, a move that’s expected to spur as much as $70 billion worth of passive-fund flows.

Addressing Four Challenges of Wealth Management Amid the Pandemic

I see four critical challenges for wealth managers arising from the pandemic.

How to Gather Client Feedback

Collecting client feedback doesn’t have to be a complex process.

The Coronavirus Opened a Virtual Advice Opportunity

As a result of the coronavirus, the advisory business model has changed precipitously, with two key trends driving this transformation…

Radically Rethinking Your Process for Converting Prospects

It’s time to consider an entirely different approach to your process for converting prospects.

Year-End Planning Considerations

I want to formally plan and create enthusiasm for 2021. How can I manage this in a virtual setting?

Increased Social Programs Don’t Equal Socialism

With the 2020 elections, we are hearing a lot about socialism. Many fear that, should the Democratic party sweep the White House and Senate, an inevitable march toward the US becoming a socialist country will begin.

Biden Has Republican Powell as Ally in Bid to Lift Labor’s Clout

President-elect Joe Biden wants to reverse the decades-long trend that has seen workers get an ever smaller piece of the economic pie.

Decades of Gains Over U.S. Poverty At Risk of Being Wiped Out

The escalating coronavirus pandemic could reverse decades of gains in the fight against poverty, as U.S. government aid for the vulnerable dries up.

Has the Size Premium Disappeared?

Small-cap stocks have underperformed the broader markets since the “discovery” of the size premium in 1981. But research shows that a segment of those small-cap stocks have performed well and that now is a compelling time to invest in them.

What Oil’s Troubles Mean to the Rest of Us

To the extent that stock prices reflect expectations of future value, investors don’t like the prospects for oil, and oil’s demise signals muted prospects for economic growth.

The Misguided Role of Institutional Investors in Climate Change

The institutional investor’s role in the effort to combat climate change is misplaced.

U.S. Recovery More Tenuous as Jobless Claims Rise, Incomes Fall

Applications for U.S. state unemployment benefits unexpectedly posted the first back-to-back weekly increase since July, while Americans’ incomes and savings fell last month.