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Bill Ackman’s SPAC is “Deeply Engaged” in a Transaction

The world’s largest SPAC – Pershing Square’s “tontine” – is “deeply engaged” in a transaction that could close in the next few weeks, according to Bill Ackman.

After $260 Billion Slide, Alibaba Aims to Show the Worst Is Over

Has the storm passed for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.?

U.S. Home Prices Surge the Most on Record in Buying Frenzy

The median price for a single-family home in the U.S. rose the most on record in the first quarter, as buyers fought over a dearth of inventory, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Inheritance Tax Poised for a Comeback in the Post-Covid Era

Inheritance tax could make a return to the political agenda after decades of declining use as governments try to repair public finances and address widening inequality after the pandemic.

SPAC Mania Gives Way to ‘Meh’ as ETFs Drop Toward All-Time Lows

The once red-hot SPAC market has gone cold.

Ray Dalio – A Wealth Tax “Crosses the Line”

A wealth tax “crosses the line and is unnecessary,” according to Ray Dalio.

Reflation, Inflation, Deflation: Stocks Can Live With Everything

Markets are vulnerable to “significant declines” should risk appetites falter, the Federal Reserve has warned. At the moment, there are very few signs of that happening.

Cathie Wood’s Main ETF Drops in Premarket After Holdings Slump

Cathie Wood’s Ark Innovation ETF looked set for another difficult day on Tuesday as it extended losses in early trading after suffering its worst drop in seven weeks.

IGM CEO Says Wealthsimple Validates Power’s Fintech Strategy

This week’s fund-raising round for online brokerage Wealthsimple Inc. shows how Power Corp. of Canada’s fintech investments will pay off for the financial conglomerate, IGM Financial Inc. Chief Executive Officer James O’Sullivan says.

New Airline’s Plan to Hire College Kids on Flights Gets Pushback

After decades of starting successful airlines and dreaming up new ways to operate them, David Neeleman is again plotting a different course, this time for staffing.

The Dubious Honor of Serving as Executor

Being named an executor means taking on a part-time job. Often, executors have day jobs so the duties of being an executor happen during lunch hours, after work, and on weekends.

How Firms Can Evolve for the Future Before It Arrives

This is where the evolution happens, and a firm innovates to thrive in the future.

How to Eliminate the Need for a Zoom Background

“My office is out of control!” If this sounds like you, get help by using my top 10 list for organizing and decluttering your office.

Why Women Thrive in the Advisory Profession

A great advisor has natural comprehension, intuition, empathy, and compassion. That is why women make exceptional financial advisors.

Overcoming the Five Barriers to More and Better Referrals

It’s your responsibility to make it easy for people to refer you.