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The Limits of Equities as an Inflation Hedge

If you review the investment research articles and notes published during the 1970s and early 1980s, what you pick up is that during periods of high inflation, equity markets failed to live up to expectations.

Rick Bookstaber on the Risk of a Leverage Liquidity Cascade

Rick Bookstaber warns that investors face the risk of a “leverage liquidity cascade,” where margin calls would trigger forced selling across asset classes.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Community

Community is the most important resource in your toolbox, especially for female financial advisors.

SPAC-on-SPAC Deal Falls Apart, and So Does Immunovant’s Stock

A private drugmaker aborted plans to buy back its own SPAC at a hefty premium, sending shares of Immunovant Inc. plunging to an all-time low.

The Stay-at-Home Recovery Could Outlast the Pandemic: Lionel Laurent

The U.K.’s “Freedom Day” has been declared a damp squib by taxi firm Addison Lee, and it’s hard to disagree. Even with hospitalizations and deaths low — and cases falling — mobility is plateauing and below pre-pandemic levels in some areas.

So, You've Maxed Out Your Retirement Contributions. Now What?: Erin Lowry

For many, paying off debt and putting money away for retirement are the first financial goals to work toward.

Leaving Money Wisely to a Spendthrift Heir

Most lump-sum inheritances disappear within a few years in the control of an over-spender.

Hanging by a ZIRP Thread

The stock market and economy are hanging by a thread over an economic abyss. That thread is zero interest rate policy (ZIRP).

ESG High-Yield Bonds Have Not Outperformed

ESG proponents claim that “green” high-yield bond returns offer better risk-adjusted returns. New research disproves this claim, although ESG investors do not incur a penalty by owning green bonds.

How to Evaluate the Risks of Life Settlements

For advisors looking to add diversification and growth potential to client portfolios, life settlements are a compelling asset class.

Lunar Tides, The VIX® and Volatility

Financial advisors and investors demand novelty as the cost of attention. Given near-term outlooks on stock market volatility, a genuinely original analogy is Moon : tides : : VIX : volatility.

The Bold Return to In-Person Conferences

Last week witnessed a bold adventure in in-person conferencing… and lessons in how to manage clients (and their portfolios) in an unprecedented market environment. But the memorable moment at the ENGAGE conference was David Kelly’s statement that bitcoin is a cult and not a currency.

Which Clients Should Open Donor-Advised Funds

Here are 12 types of clients who have recently established DAF accounts with the assistance and encouragement of their financial, legal, tax advisors.

Which is Harder – the CFA or CFP® Exam?

When I started looking into CFP® certification, a surprising number of colleagues said something to the effect, “Oh well you passed the CFA exams, so that will be easy for you.” And foolishly, I believed them.

How Advisors Can Maximize After-Tax Returns

Frank Pape is the senior director, portfolio consulting for Russell Investments’ advisor and intermediary solutions business. In this interview, he discusses the latest research on how advisors can maximize the after-tax income for their clients.