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Persistent Inflation Poses a Genuine Threat to Stock Prices

Given record profit margins and valuations, there is little upside, especially if inflation remains problematic. Throw stagflation into the formula, and the outlook is bleak.

Bond Investors Face Year of Peril With Few Places to Hide

Global bond investors face an old enemy -- inflation -- and the universe of fixed-income assets doesn’t look to offer much in the way of shelter.

BlackRock Says Active Managers Should Seize ESG to Beat Market

BlackRock Inc. said active investors have an opportunity to beat the market by digging deeper into information about the sustainability of companies.

Boomers Face Higher Student-Loan Bills When U.S. Moratorium Ends

Older borrowers will be among the hardest hit when student-loan payments resume for more than 40 million Americans after a pandemic freeze, according to research by Fidelity Investments Inc.

Bernanke: Inflation will Moderate in 2022 with 2% to 3% Growth and Full Employment

Look forward to moderating inflation, 2% to 3% growth and full employment in 2022, according to Ben Bernanke.

Charitable Planning Before You Sell Your Practice

With so many life-changing liquidity events on the horizon, charitably minded advisors would be well served to follow the same tax guidance they provide their clients and set up a DAF prior to the sale of their firm.

Why Nobody Watches Your Videos

Advisors may have the most informative videos on their site, but it’s likely that few prospects will watch them.

Dealing With a Team Member Who Refuses to Listen

What do you do with an intractable advisor?

Five Marketing Truths You Don't Want to Hear

Marketing occurs in the advisory profession in the absence of common sense. Here are five brazen misunderstandings shared by the readers of my articles.

The 60/40 Portfolio Isn't Dead, Just More Expensive: Allison Schrager

Volatile, pandemic-riven markets for stocks and bonds has Wall Street ready — again — to declare the traditional 60/40 portfolio split a dead strategy. The prospect of a low-growth, high-inflation economy (stagflation) dims the prospects of both investment categories, and certainly demands a rethink of where to stash your savings.

Barclays Says Green Bond Investors Pay More for Less Liquidity

Demand is so strong for green bonds, or debt that funds environmentally friendly projects, that investors are accepting lower yields for securities that are harder to trade, according to Barclays Plc.

College Enrollments Sink in the Midwest, Causing Budget Trouble for Schools

The pandemic accelerated a trend that college deans and finance chiefs throughout the U.S. Midwest have been dreading: There are fewer 18-year-olds to fill classrooms, dorms and dining halls.

Five Steps to Better Post-Pandemic Networking

Here are five steps to adjust your professional networking skills for a post-pandemic world.

Reluctant About Going Solo? Join a Network

Leaving an established firm to go out on your own might solve some of your problems, but they will be replaced by a new host of obstacles and challenges.

Fed Policy is Driving Homelessness

In a society with a weak social safety net, homelessness is the inevitable result of exuberant real estate prices. Those living on the street are the indirect victims of loose monetary policy and low interest rates that foster high property and rental prices.