Articles from our Weekly Newsletters

Wells Fargo’s $400 Million in PPP Fees to Help Small Businesses

Wells Fargo & Co. is launching a $400 million fund to donate the fees it got from the Paycheck Protection Program back to small businesses, particularly ones that are minority-owned.

World’s Rich Question Fees With Wealth Hitting $74 Trillion

But a survey did flag some promising growth areas for wealth managers.

Al Gore: Where Sustainable Investing Goes From Here

The global pandemic may be just what’s required to address the environmental crisis once and for all, says former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

As Businesses Reopen, Many Americans Plan to Spend Less

Half of Americans aren’t looking forward to going back to a bar, and more than one-third aren’t excited about heading out to a sports game, movie or live event

Pandemic Aid Helps Make the Case for Basic Income: Noah Smith

Although the case for basic income is not yet a slam dunk, pandemic relief benefits add circumstantial evidence in favor.

The Five Worst Copywriting Bloopers

Be wary of these five common copywriting mistakes I see advisors make on their websites.

Five Clues Your Client is Cheating on You with Another Advisor

Here are the red flags that your client is sneaking and creeping around with another advisor.

All-Woman Team From Morgan Stanley Leaves For Sanctuary Wealth

More successful advisor teams are being led by women, a trend reshaping the industry, the firm's founder said.

Are Salad Bars Healthy During The Coronavirus?

Picking up a salad at lunch might have been a part of your routine. Grocery stores are doing whatever it takes to save that business.

Vanguard Trounces BlackRock for ETF Flows in Volatile First Half

The flows strike a blow for Vanguard in the increasingly fierce battle to dominate a more than $4 trillion market.

How to Have a Strong Pipeline in Spite of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought major changes to how advisors are working with clients, especially based on the comments we received during our recent webinar, “How the Pandemic Has Changed Advisory Practices.”

The Single, Most Important Paradigm in Marketing

If I had to give one piece of advice to quickly improve your marketing and sales efforts, it’s this…

The Dark Side of Happiness

There’s a group of hormones that, when triggered, make us happy. Those chemical reactions make us feel really good. What’s the downside?

Should You Force Your Team to Take Vacations?

I have no interest in taking my vacation this year but my boss is putting unbelievable pressure on all of us to “take a break.”

The Future of Estate Planning

An increasing number of people, especially more mature and sophisticated clients, are looking for a one-stop-solution to automate estate planning.