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Don’t Read Too Much Into Stocks’ Sudden Rebound

I do feel strongly that we are living through a generation-defining moment and that too many are only now starting to grasp.

JPMorgan Says the Market Rout Is Probably Past Its Worst Now

Not everyone sees the bottom as necessarily reached.

Visualizing Recovery

With the most dramatic part of the storm hopefully over, the question is whether the market has bottomed. When is the recovery? Before we get into how to visualize market recovery, let’s offer some perspective on the recovery of the emotional trauma.

McKinsey’s Vision of Wealth Management in 2030

The coronavirus will accelerate the changes to the wealth management industry predicted by McKinsey & Co.

Why QE is Not Working

Most investors are unable to grasp why the Fed’s QE actions have been ineffective. In this article, I explain why today is different from the past.

Russia and Saudi Play a Dangerous Game of Chicken

This article will tackle the big news. Saudi Arabia announced that it will increase oil production from 9.7 million barrels a day to 10 million and then to 12 million if needed. This news alone sent the oil price down 20% – and the whole stock market with it.

How Coronavirus Has Upended Economics in Just a Few Weeks

With government spending helping to steer countries through the pandemic, it may not be easy to turn off the taps afterward.

Ray Dalio On Three Big Stimulus Questions

He also referred to history in an attempt to make sense of what he says is a changing world.

Muni Bonds Surge, Reviving From Worst Crash in Over Four Decades

The rally gained force after the White House and the Senate reached an agreement on a massive package of spending and tax breaks in a bid to prevent the swift shutdown of much of America’s economy from leading to a deep, prolonged recession.

Almost Overnight, the $100 Billion Fitness Industry Goes Virtual

More than 350,000 fitness instructors and trainers in the US have turned to streaming to keep their businesses afloat. Here are nine of the best online workouts.

U.S. Retailers Plan to Stop Paying Rent to Offset Virus Closures

Chains are calling for rent reductions through lease amendments and other measures starting in April.

In Wreckage of Muni Market Crash, Brave Investors Eye Bonds at 90% Yields

By some measures, the municipal-bond market is full of screaming buys for anyone brave enough to wade in.

Carmen Reinhart Says Global Economy in Worst Spot Since 1930s

That was the last time the world witnessed a sustained downturn in both emerging markets and their developed-nation counterparts.

Preliminary Thoughts – The New World Order

Over a period of time which I cannot estimate yet, I will continue my preparation for a far different economic and financial environment. Capital deployment strategies will likely have to change from what has been the norm
in the post WW2 environment. We are in a New World Order.

Effective Remote Collaboration

I know this isolation is necessary, but the fabric of our firm is coming apart at the seams. Is it possible to collaborate effectively when everyone is remote?